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The COMPLETE Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program (Book plus four board game set)

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The complete Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program consists of the teaching manual plus these cute, sustainably produced, award-winning cooperative games that children love to play! They are easy to learn and fun as well as challenging enough to require kids to work together to win. These games are part of the program that  was tested in the University of Nevada research study. They are suitable for children ages 4-7. The set includes these games: 
  • Max the Cat
  • Sleeping Grump
  • Harvest Time
  • Granny's House  

The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program is a great piece of work and significant contribution to bullying prevention. Through the use of practical, easy to implement, and class-friendly games, Suzanne Lyons promotes a new mindset regarding the substantial impact of cooperatively structured play activities. This work reaches into and beyond bullying prevention with techniques that transform classrooms into social milieus reinforcing values of sharing, kindness and peace.

The methods and activities in this book encourage positive social skills development and they help children build confidence in their own ability to relate to and work with one another. I wholeheartedly support and appreciate Ms. Lyons’ work. It bridges empirical research on cooperative games and aggression reduction with the school system. As such, it is rightly an integral part of bullying prevention.

--Dr. April Bay, Clinical Psychologist and author of the University of Nevada Reno study, “Cooperative Games: A Way to Modify Aggressive and Cooperative Behaviors in Young Children”

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