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Around the Piano: It's Alright to Breathe

Around the Piano: It's Alright to Breathe

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IT’S ALRIGHT TO BREATHE (ATP Supplement #2) is an original song by singer-songwriter, Frankie Valinda Ghee.  This song is about taking a moment to breathe when life gets intense. When, instead of rushing to judgement or even violence, we allow a meditative moment to assess our circumstances and appreciate each of life’s experiences, we take an important step toward developing a personal understanding of integrity.  This can lead to improved relationships and a better social climate.  Change can be a wonderful goal, but personal growth is more likely to take place in a quiet space.

Around the Piano supplements are individual songs and lessons created with the same goals as the ten original Around the Piano songs: getting young people singing, writing and talking about issues related to integrity and character.

Like all ATP songs, the supplements can be taught quickly. The easy piano parts are optional and can be embellished or simplified to match your piano skills.

While we recommend starting with the full ATP workbook and adding the supplements as they become available, you will get everything you need to get started with your purchase.  You even have access to our team for ideas and examples.  We will email you a demonstration audio file when we send out your supplemental workbook.

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